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          1. The Ark wordpress企業主題

            The Ark是來自themeforest的一套wordpress企業主題,這套wordpress主題評價挺不錯的,頁面設計風格以及功能方面都挺不錯的,看介紹說是有三百多種頁面的demo效果。所以看了下主題文件也是很大的,光安裝包就60多M,一般受到服務器上傳文件大小限制的影響,這很可能是無法直接在后臺上傳的,所以可能需要直接上傳解壓到主題目錄才行。另外注意到主題的樣式文件竟然有1M這么大,這是無法理解的,至少國內的網絡狀況這將會嚴重拖慢網站的速度。需要使用的朋友建議可以先壓縮一下style.css文件的代碼,壓縮方法可以搜一下CSS壓縮,有很多工具的,壓縮的時候需要注意的就是需要保留style.css文件最上面的那一段主題信息的注釋,最好是在技術人員的幫助下進行。

            主題可以支持WooCommerce、WPML、YOAST SEO、MailChimp、WP Super Cache、Revolution Slider等插件,實現更多功能。


            • Tons of pre-defined designs and content
              • 307+ demo pages
              • 223+ big section blocks ready for 1-click insertion
              • 5 demos
              • Simply assemble your website from big parts, without hustle and light-fast
              • You can then customize every little detail with unprecedented amount of detailed options
            • Fresh Builder (unique)
              • Currently the #1 builder in the world
              • Years ahead of every competitor
              • Visual Composer killer
              • Still familiar, intuitive, effective and easy to use
            • Fresh Grid (unique)
              • Fast Parallax effects
              • Background Layers engine (never seen before)
              • Vertical Centering
              • Full Height sections
            • Layouting System (unique and must-have)
              • Customize every corner of your website
              • Everything backed up with Fresh Builder
              • No coding required (this time for real, even for uncommon or tiny/large changes)
              • Never seen before, other themes are not even close in terms of freedom The Ark offers
            • Headers
              • Re-size headers to your liking
              • Logo size is not limited (any logo size will play nicely with the rest of the header)
              • Header size is not limited and can be easily changed
              • Left, Right and Top side positions
              • All the other features you are used to
              • 15+ pre-designed headers for your comfort to use as a starting point
            • Blogs
              • 20+ Blog elements
              • They can be combined to limitless number of variations (unprecedented level of detail and customization options)
              • Grid, Slider, Masonry, Fullwidth, Simple, …
            • Portfolios
              • Unlimited variations of portfolio elements
              • Grid, Slider, Masonry, Fullwidth, Simple, …
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