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          1. ThemeJunkie wordpress cms主題 – Resizable

            ThemeJunkie wordpress cms主題 - Resizable

            Resizable是一套來自ThemeJunkie的wordpress cms主題, ThemeJunkie的主題風格一致都是走新聞雜志類cms風格的,適合新聞資訊、博客各種類型的網站,并且主題使用相對來說簡單,上手容易


            • WordPress 3.5.1 Compatible
              We update our themes regularly to keep them bug free, and to take advantage of the latest WordPress version.
            • Advanced Control Panel
              You can take full control of your theme with our powerful yet easy-to-use theme options panel from setting to styling.
            • Search Engine Optimized
              Smart design and XHTML valid code ensures maximum search engine visibility for your WordPress site.
            • Custom Widgets
              Our themes come packaged with multiple custom widgets including Twitter, Flickr, and additional custom widgets to enhance your site.
            • AD Management
              You can place various size of banner images in your sidebar and banners to other built-in ad positions with ease.
            • Lifetime Support
              Whether you are a single theme user or club member, you will get lifetime support from us. And yes, it’s all FREE.
            • Cross-browser Compatible
              Our themes are W3C standards compliant which means regardless of the browser – Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer – your site renders perfectly.
            • Custom Page Templates
              Our themes come packaged with multiple pages templates including Archives, Full Width, and additional custom templates to enhance your site.
            • Localization Ready
              All our themes are localized which you can translate into any language using .po and .mo file.
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